Jobs Across The World is a private company that connects job-seekers and employers around the world. This all-inclusive, worldwide proven online employment solution accepts international applications for any industry, position, and location. Jobs Across The World’s mission is to use an innovative method to facilitate a connection between companies and employees, all the while searching for the most capable talent to match open positions. They accomplish these tasks while working within a competitive global employment market.

The interconnection of worldwide economies has produced a growing trend for workers to relocate where better jobs are available. This is proven by the number of talented workers transferring to countries like Canada, Germany, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates. They are willing to work, live, and enjoy the opportunities available to them and their families.

Finding skilled workers for employers with growing businesses and new ventures has been a challenge due to the aging population, causing higher competition between countries and industry to hire skilled labor to maintain growth for their economies and businesses. JobsAWorld recognizes the impending need and has produced this comprehensive global employment solution to join employers and job-seekers to the benefit of both.

Employers have free access to all resumes of talented workers abroad in the database which is very user-friendly. Those looking for employment have the advantage of entering the database and then simply waiting for a call or email from a potential employer.

How Jobs Across the World Works for Job-Seekers

The integrated system used by Jobs Across the World gives an advantage to both employers and job seekers from all around the world. Once your profile is made online and your resume is received, it is our job to find you the jobs that best fit your education, location, and experience. It is a very easy, quick, and effective process. We assist everyone from all languages and countries.

You will be contacted when an employer is interested in your resume and you will have the chance to confirm if you are interested in the position. Once you confirm, the employer will contact you about the open job. It is that simple. We offer different secure payment options for our services and provide the best customer service in various languages.

  • Get personalized job openings directly in your inbox
  • Have your resume matched to open jobs that match your qualifications
  • Quickly apply for jobs by using your JobsAWorld profile
  • Be updated continuously about jobs that match your qualifications
  • Be notified when an employer is interested in your resume