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Samsung Looking to Hire Engineers in India

Over the next three years, Samsung India is seeking to hire 2,500 graduates from the top engineering universities in one of the largest recruitment drives. According to global senior vice president of Samsung, Dipesh Shah, most of the new employees would be for new-age domains such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things, biometrics, and big data. The R&D centers in Bengaluru, Delhi, and Noida are taking 1,000 of the engineering graduates. If these fields are your specialty, consider submitting your resume to JobsAWorld. They will match you up with a company looking to hire, no matter the location. Samsung’s R&D center, located in Bengaluru, is the largest outside of South Korea, where research is being done on smart devices, printers, semiconductors, modems, Internet protocols, and networks.

Shah said, “Samsung is extremely bullish on R&D in India. Our R&D centers in India work on cutting-edge technology to develop innovations that are centered on Indian customers’ preferences and also contribute significantly to global products.” He also said there is an obvious need for employees in this field. They will be hiring people across streams like mathematics, electrical engineering, computer science, and applied mechanics. Shah mentioned that the aggressive hiring is not due to the competition, but several analysts disagree, saying Samsung is definitely feeling the heat since the Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has caught up with them for the first spot in the Indian smartphone market. If you are looking for a job, now is the time to submit your resume to Jobs Across The World. There are many opportunities available for you.

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