Longest Bull Market Reached by US Stock Market

The most extended timeframe of uninterrupted stock market gains in US history has been reached. The bull market turned 3,453 days old in August 2018. The incredible run started on March 9, 2009, rising from the Great Recession and the most alarming financial crisis since the 1930s. The steady economic readjustment, along with the extraordinary intervention from the Federal Reserve, fueled the Dow from around 6,500 to close to 26,000. Amazon and Netflix market numbers have skyrocketed. If you are looking for a job, contact JobsAWorld. All international applications for all jobs in all industries are welcomed. It doesn’t matter where the company or the job seeker is located. Contact them today!

There were many scares along the way, causing some anxious investors to panic. The downgrade of the US credit rating in 2011, China’s economic slowdown, the fear of a collapse of the euro, and the dramatic drop in oil prices, were a few close calls the bull market had to overcome. Each of these scares did not derail the solid rise of the US economy. The S&P never dropped below 20 percent during the scary times. The lingering doubt about the market caused some skeptics to call it the most hated bull market ever recorded. David Kelly, a chief global strategist, said, “No one believed in it all the way through. The pessimism that’s been a hallmark of the bull market has actually ensured its longevity.” The dedicated team at JobsAWorld is ready to help you be matched with the job opportunity you have prepared for. Submit your resume, and they will begin finding openings that match your skillset.

The previous longest bull run began in 1990 and ended due to the dotcom bubble burst in March 2000. Market euphoria like this could have led to the bull market’s downfall. Investors really only care about signs of a slowing market, but market veterans agree the focus on time is misplaced. Kurt Spieler, the chief officer of wealth management at First National Bank of Omaha, says bull markets end in recessions and not from dying of old age. JobsAWorld has a team committed to assisting job seekers and employers around the world to connect. Anywhere. Anytime.

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