Jobs in Asia

Opportunities for Data Science Workers from India

At a time when the Indian government’s attempts toward job creation is under close examination, a report by Edvancer and Analytics India Magazine brings great relief. The report shows the number of new jobs in India has risen by close to 76 percent on a year-on-year basis. There have also been more than 90,000 job openings. The report shows India’s contribution to overall global data scientists job openings hit ten percent, indicating it is the most significant data science hub outside of the United States. If you are willing to relocate for a job opportunity, consider submitting your resume to Jobs Across The World. They will match your strengths to the perfect employer. You only wait on a call for the ideal job.

Companies want to hire professionals who are skilled in new tech concepts like big data, data science, analytics, machine-learning, artificial intelligence and many others. A few of the leading companies with the largest amount of data science job openings this year are Accenture, Adobe, Microsoft, JP Morgan, AIG, Flipkart, Wipro, EY, Deloitte, and Vodafone. Bengaluru, India’s IT capital, accounts for the largest number of analytics and data science jobs, close to 30 percent. The percentage has increased by two percent over last year’s statistics. Delhi-NCR and Mumbai are following the IT capital city in job openings. Jobs Across The World recognizes the vast number of people willing to go where the jobs are abundant. You submit your resume and they do the rest of the work in finding you a job that suits your strengths.

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