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Increased US Immigration Needed to Meet Worker Shortage

The United States population is aging and the need for a consistent pull of skilled foreign workers is a must. The number of job openings cannot be met by the number of people currently in the country. The US Chamber of Commerce is asking Washington to increase the number of foreign workers allowed to relocate and work in America. 

The Department of Homeland Security has a plan to add to the number of H-2B temporary visas for non-agricultural workers by 22,000, due to the significant job demands. If you are considering relocating for a better job, contact Jobs Across the World. Their team will match your skillset with the perfect job opportunity. It doesn’t matter where you currently live or where the company is located. All international resumes are welcome. 

The Chamber is asking President Biden and his cabinet to double the H-1B visas for highly skilled temporary workers and H-2B seasonal workers. They have said an entire overhaul of the US immigration system is needed so the US can keep up with the demand of the job market. 

The Chamber of Commerce chief policy officer said the worker shortage will not be solved without a significant increase in US immigration. The United States has never been in a situation with this broad-based shortage around the country. Businesses are turning work away because they can’t find the staff to do the work. There is optimism that the labor shortage will bring lawmakers to making a change in the system. Jobs Across the World is ready to match your qualifications with the perfect job opening. Contact them today!

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