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More Skilled Migrants Needed to Work in Australia’s Regions

The Australian government is trying to minimize congestion in three of the largest cities in the country by attracting skilled immigrants to Gold Coast and Perth. These two areas have been added to the list of places newcomers can move to on a regional Australian visa. Earlier in the month, Immigration Minister David Coleman said these regions would not be added to the program, but advocacy from the different sides of politics made a difference in the final decision. There has been a 70 percent population growth in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, which are the top destinations for immigrants relocating to Australia. Another change in the program is that an additional 2,000 skilled workers from abroad would be required to relocate in regional Australia, where foreign workers are in high demand. Jobs Across the World has an online platform to match your skillset with the perfect job opportunity no matter where it is located. All international applications are welcome.

The Australian immigration limit of 160,000 visas per year won’t be changed, but there will be 25,000 regional visas made available for those willing to work outside of the major cities. Those who agree to working in the qualifying regions will have their applications moved to the top of the list and be eligible to apply for permanent residency. This new program has produced a lot of activity. The first quarter has seen a 124 percent increase in granted regional visas, according to the Immigration Minister. If you are looking for a better job opportunity, contact Jobs Across the World. Submit your resume and you will receive personalized jobs sent to your inbox. Your skillset will be matched to open positions that suit your qualifications.

Universities pushed hard to include Gold Coast and Perth on the list of qualifying regions, as they are trying to attract international students. Study Gold Coast CEO, Alfred Slogrove, said, “We’re absolutely stoked. They will be welcomed with open arms.” He said the confidence of the universities will be boosted and they will increase their new research, new facilities, and new programs. Looking for a better job? Jobs Across the World matches your resume with open positions all over the world and keeps you updated on new job postings. Contact them today!

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