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Canada Facing Biggest Labor Shortage in Decade

Highlights from a new survey conducted by The Bank of Canada show the number of companies facing labor shortages has increased to 37 percent, which is the highest rate since 2008. The companies are reporting labor shortages are getting more intense at a rate not seen in over a decade. Firms are expecting future sales growth to be stronger than three months ago, with an additional 41 percent of the firms foreseeing an acceleration in sales growth. Jobs Across the World has a team of qualified development experts who can match your resume with a position that matches your skill set. Contact them today!

The percentage of companies saying they had at least some difficulty in meeting demand stayed about the same at 56 percent, which matches historically high levels. The Bank of Canada said, “strong demand and elevated capacity pressures support firms’ investment and employment intentions.” If you are willing to relocate for a job, submit your resume to JobsAWorld. They can match your skills with the perfect job no matter where it is located.

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