Jobs in America

Utah Ranked #1 State for Jobs in the USA

Utah, known as The Beehive State, has a robust economy which added close to 50,000 jobs over the past year, with 7.5 percent of the gain in the construction sector. As the Silicon Slopes tech community is growing at a rapid pace, new homes are on the rise. The year-over-year job growth for May was at 3.4 percent. The Gem State, Idaho, is a hidden gem in the American economy, but with the growth it is experiencing, it is coming to light. Idaho added almost 22,000 jobs in the past year, with significant increases in construction and manufacturing. The team at Jobs Across the World is trained to help you find the best position for you. They match your qualifications with an employer needing a position filled.

Companies all across the United States have more openings than there are unemployed people to fill them. The labor market is full or close to full, with the unemployment rate at an 18-year low of four percent. Contact JobsAWorld and submit your resume today. You could find the job opportunity you have always wanted.

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