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Median Salaries for Rapidly-Growing US Jobs

Depending on the state in which you live in the USA, the rapidly growing jobs in your area will differ from the state next door. A solar panel installer is a top job in California, as most would expect in the well-known “green state,” but it is also a fast-growing job in Missouri, Minnesota, and North Carolina. The median income for this position is around $39,500 and only requires a high school diploma.

The vice president of communications at the Solar Energies Industries Association, a trade group, said although once a sector largely in California, it is now moving into new markets. If you would consider relocating for a job opportunity, contact Jobs Across the World. They will match your skill set with an employer looking to hire.

A wind turbine service tech is also high on the list for several states related to rapidly growing jobs which make close to $57,000 annually. Fast growing US jobs, depending on the region, can vary from an animal trainer, to a credit counselor, to a software developer. Jobs Across the World (JobsAWorld) can match your resume with the perfect job opportunity for you. Contact them today.

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