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The Top Cities for International Jobs

Before choosing to live abroad, there are several challenges to overcome. One of the main problems is finding a way to bring home income. Commissioned by HSBC Expat and administered by YouGov, the Expat Explorer Survey found the best cities for expats to find work abroad. Coming from 159 countries and territories, over 27,500 expats participated in the online questions. Submit your resume to JobsAWorld to find the perfect job opportunity. They will match your skillset with an employer looking for an employee. It doesn’t matter where the company is located or where you currently live. All international applications are welcome.

Out of the top ten cities, three of them are located in the United Kingdom. London, Birmingham and Manchester all have fantastic job opportunities for expats. San Francisco, in the United States, was ranked number one with 57 percent of the expats living in the city saying there were excellent job opportunities available. Contact JobsAWorld to find the perfect job opportunity. They will keep you updated on all new postings related to your field of work.

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