Jobs in America

Not Enough Words to Describe Impressive US Jobs Numbers

Geopolitical risks and potential trade wars being talked about have not stopped the United States economy from thriving. It just keeps humming along at an even pace, allowing more people to find jobs in the USA and receiving gradually more wages. The economy is essentially in sound shape, showing no signs of recession or inflation risks. As employers are continuing to create new US jobs, more people are finding work, and fewer people are unemployed, which in turn leads to a rise in wages. JobsAWorld has a team of tireless career development professionals dedicated to making sure you get hired for the job you deserve. You will receive personalized job notifications sent directly to your inbox. They will match your resume to jobs that fit your qualifications. You can apply quickly by using your personalized Jobs Across the World profile.

Over 60 percent of the American adult population is employed, which only matches a recent high of earlier months. The jobless rate for African-Americans dropped to 5.9 percent, making it the lowest on record. Average hourly earnings rose to 0.3 percent. The economy added 223,000 US jobs in one month, even after being nine years into an expansion. The unemployment rate has fallen incredibly to 3.8 percent, which makes it a new 18-year-low. When submitting your resume to Jobs Across the World, you will be continuously updated on open jobs that match your skill set. All international applications are welcomed for all jobs in all sectors no matter where you are located. They are committed to helping employers and job seekers around the world to connect.

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